7 Steps to Video Success

Whether you're looking to make your first video or to extend a deep library, this short guide shows the seven steps to follow to be successful right now - and over the long term.
Step 1

Understand your objectives

Step 2

Review Your Customer Journey

Step 3

Consider Your Overall Content Library

Step 4

Prepare to Measure What Matters

Step 5

Plan Your Distribution

Step 6

Pick an Outcome and Chart the Journey

Step 7

Create Your Video

Succeeding with Video

Following these seven steps will help to ensure you benefit from a high-performance video library that contributes real results.

Even if you’re just getting started and genuinely only need one short, specific video, taking a bit of time to consider the larger context-company goals, existing content, future needs-will increase your likelihood of long-term success.

What comes next?

As you distribute your video, measure what matters
to gain valuable feedback about performance and ROI. Use these insights to refine your distribution strategy and channels-to make sure your video has the maximum impact and to inform your future video

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What our clients have to say

This video series does change how people work, and how they interact with others in ways that can change lives. We have already heard from people who hired in new ways because this work ‘opened their eyes’ to the problems with ‘business as usual
Maydianne Andrade, University of Toronto
Flikli didn’t just make videos for us, instead, they were our creative partners. Together we created a whole world that tackles the pains our customers feel in a fun and completely unique way. The whole process was centered around our customer and our objectives resulting in what I think is an amazing outcome
Gary Amaral, Co-founder and CMO

Our Work

7 Steps Guide

Download our 7 step guide to how to approach video to maximise its impact. Useful for business owners, sales teams, marketeers, leaders & more.