About Us

Flikli was born in 2011 and we have produced over 1,300 videos for over 900 customers in more than 35 countries. We pride ourselves on delivery the highest quality content that has led to our videos being viewed millions of times. But we believe there’s much more to video than just quality and views.

For an animation to be successful it has to be produced with a clear goal and a strategized distribution plan in mind. This is why at Flikli we go beyond just producing great video content: we help you create meaningful stories and distribute them to the right audiences, maximizing your success and ROI.

Meet the team

Rich Adkin


András Kulcsár


Madison Moore

Lead Producer

How We Get Results...

Creative Kick-Off

Set Clear Objectives

Research Subject, Audience, Market and Brand

Agree on Core Message and Tone

Develop Idea and Narrative

Script and Storyboard

Find Your Ideal Voice

Animate and Revise

Support Distribution Strategy

What our clients have to say

This video series does change how people work, and how they interact with others in ways that can change lives. We have already heard from people who hired in new ways because this work ‘opened their eyes’ to the problems with ‘business as usual'.
Maydianne Andrade, Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity, University of Toronto Scarborough
Flikli didn’t just make videos for us, instead, they were our creative partners. Together we created a whole world that tackles the pains our customers feel in a fun and completely unique way. The whole process was centered around our customer and our objectives resulting in what I think is an amazing outcome.
Gary Amaral, CPO & Co-Founder, Breadcrumbs