Unlocking the Power of Video Content: An Introduction to Simple, Custom and Premium Animation

The power of video content is undeniable. Whether it’s used for marketing, training, or entertainment, animation can be an effective way to engage audiences and get your message across. However, many marketers struggle to know where to start with animation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 tiers of animation – basic animation, standard animation and advanced animation – that can help you get started on your content strategy journey. By understanding the basics of each style and what they are best suited for, you can determine which type of animation is right for you and unlock the power of video content in your marketing strategy.

Simple Animation

When it comes to animation, simple animation styles are the most expeditious and often most cost-effective option. Whiteboard animation is a great way to quickly explain concepts or ideas in an engaging way. It usually involves a drawing on a whiteboard (or similar surface) along with voice-over narration. The visuals are to the point but they can be used to effectively break down complex information into smaller chunks to help viewers digest your message more easily. Simple animation is best for low-fidelity information sharing that doesn’t require visuals unique to your brand.  Flikli has developed a minimalist black & white style for this. 

Custom Animation

Custom animation styles are slightly more advanced and offer more features than basic animations. This type of animation is ideal for creating videos that need more depth, texture and custom branding. With custom animations, you can create characters, backgrounds and more detailed effects that capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the video. Custom animation is best when you want to share detailed information about your company or product while creating an end-to-end brand experience.

Premium Animation

If you’re looking for something even more dynamic than standard animation, then advanced animations may be what you need. This type of animation has endless possibilities when it comes to storytelling in video content. From 3D character models to motion graphics, advanced animations allow you to create immersive worlds that engage viewers from start to finish. A premium animation is best suited for when you really want to wow your audience and bring them into your world.

Benefits of Using Animations As Part Of Your Content Strategy

Using various types of animations as part of your overall content strategy can have many benefits for your business. Animations help you communicate complex topics quickly and easily, giving viewers the information they need without overwhelming them. Additionally, videos featuring animations tend to be shared more often on social media platforms, increasing brand visibility and boosting sales conversions.

At Flikli we make this even easier by offering video at each of these tiers. By identifying which animation style – from basic whiteboard animations to advanced motion graphics – into a cohesive content strategy, you can create powerful videos that drive engagement and conversions without breaking the bank. With the right combination of these three types of animation styles, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the power of video content in your marketing efforts.

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