Social Media Expansion Kit

Take your most valuable content and optimize it for social media platforms. 


    What's Included in The Expansion Kit?

    Expand Your Reach

    Add the social expansion kit to any purchase and transform your content into a 15 second bite — designed to catch the attention of the fastest scrollers.

    ✓ Optimized Social Media Aspect Ratios

    ✓ Subtitles for No-Volume Viewing

    ✓ Shortened for Accepted Ad Lengths


    Social Media Booster Videos

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    What our clients have to say

    This video series does change how people work, and how they interact with others in ways that can change lives. We have already heard from people who hired in new ways because this work ‘opened their eyes’ to the problems with ‘business as usual'.
    Maydianne Andrade, Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity, University of Toronto Scarborough
    Flikli didn’t just make videos for us, instead, they were our creative partners. Together we created a whole world that tackles the pains our customers feel in a fun and completely unique way. The whole process was centered around our customer and our objectives resulting in what I think is an amazing outcome.
    Gary Amaral, CPO & Co-Founder, Breadcrumbs

    As so many photos and images are shared across social platforms, video is a fantastic way to stand out from typical posts, and attract followers and new users. As social platforms algorithms move towards prioritizing video content, you’re likely to be seen more as well.

    While content can be shared on accounts like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing platform used by 88% of marketers. TikTok is becoming more popular as an advertising platform as well, with younger users using it as their primary web search engine.

    Video posts are highly effective when used for social sharing with content attracting nearly 50% higher views. 

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