Optimize the Marketing Funnel Using Video

Using video content for marketing doesn’t just mean producing a video, sharing and posting it everywhere and hoping click and watch. Effective video marketing involves making the right videos to address different stages in the customer journey. This video summarizes exactly what that means.


No matter what business you’re in, converting people through the marketing funnel equals revenue.

Flikli understands the specific dynamics and goals of each part of the funnel, and works with you to create videos for every stage.

It’s all about having the right video for the right moment in the customer journey.

Above the funnel video focuses on awareness building.

Video content above the funnel will drive website traffic, and talk about the experience and ideas around your product.

Content above the funnel needs to emotionally engage with your audience, by showing them problems and benefits they can relate to.

This content should be short, sharp, and readily available.

Video content on the top of the funnel generates leads from among those who are aware of your brand.

Viewers discover what your brand offers and should only require a low barrier for consumption.

Middle of the funnel video content generates prospects by educating audiences, and building trust in your brand.

Successful results of middle of the funnel videos include increased customer sales interactions, a rise in customer consultations, and higher newsletter subscription rates.

Bottom of the funnel video content creates conversions.

This content should deliver concrete facts about what differentiates you from the competition.

Bottom of the funnel videos provide an emotional nudge and a clear action path for purchase decisions.

Videos created for this stage build loyalty and nurture  relationships with clients and customers.

Success in post conversion videos can be seen in metrics, such as a decrease in help desk requests, and an increase in referrals.

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