Corporate Brand Video Package

Tell your story. Branded animated video communicates your company vision, ethos and purpose to connect with consumers that believe in what you do.


    What's Included in the Package?


    Let your company shine with videos that build trust and share vision.

    ✓ Consultation

    ✓ Video Planning Meeting


    Speak to your target audience and build brand equity by sharing the driving force behind your business.

    ✓ Company Overview Video
    ✓ Corporate Mission Video
    ✓ Corporate Video Bookends

    ✓ Social Booster


    Provide production feedback, share with key stakeholders, and submit approvals all in one place with The Flikli Platform.

    ✓ Narrator Selection
    ✓ Narration Production
    ✓ Script
    ✓ Storyboard
    ✓ Animation
    ✓ Music and SFX


    Corporate Brand Videos

    Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of the brand videos we’ve worked on.

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    What our clients have to say

    This video series does change how people work, and how they interact with others in ways that can change lives. We have already heard from people who hired in new ways because this work ‘opened their eyes’ to the problems with ‘business as usual'.
    Maydianne Andrade, Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity, University of Toronto Scarborough
    Flikli didn’t just make videos for us, instead, they were our creative partners. Together we created a whole world that tackles the pains our customers feel in a fun and completely unique way. The whole process was centered around our customer and our objectives resulting in what I think is an amazing outcome.
    Gary Amaral, CPO & Co-Founder, Breadcrumbs

    Generations like Millenials and Gen Zs want to know that they are spending their money with businesses who are socially and ethically conscious. An explainer video can demonstrate your company’s goals and visions in an in depth and graphically driven way.

    People retain over 90% of visual content AND retain it for much longer than any other content type. Telling your story using video means that your business will be remembered longer by potential customers. 

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