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Our experience working with global brands over the last decade allows us to deliver corporate animated videos to support and align your teams.
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This video series does change how people work, and how they interact with others in ways that can change lives. We have already heard from people who hired in new ways because this work ‘opened their eyes’ to the problems with ‘business as usual'.
Maydianne Andrade, Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity, University of Toronto Scarborough
Flikli didn’t just make videos for us, instead, they were our creative partners. Together we created a whole world that tackles the pains our customers feel in a fun and completely unique way. The whole process was centered around our customer and our objectives resulting in what I think is an amazing outcome.
Gary Amaral, CPO & Co-Founder, Breadcrumbs

What are you trying to achieve?

Explain Your business

Want to get the word out about your amazing brand? We can help you capture its essence and communicate it in under 60 seconds!

Explain a product or service

Do you have amazing USP’s, an awesome new product or just a high quality service? Reach more people faster with an animated explainer video.

Explain an idea, concept or process

You might want to help employees understand your culture, business or train new skills.

See your results sky rocket with our animated explainer videos.

7 Steps to Video Success

Download our 7 Steps to Video Success guide to learn how to approach video to maximize its impact. Whether you’re a business owner, sales team or marketer, it’s always a good time to take your content to the next level.

    When an organization reaches a certain size, effective corporate communication and efficiency are no longer nice-to-haves but essential tools for continued growth and success. In a high-growth environment, it is common to have weekly onboarding sessions that can drain your staff. Animation allows businesses to create versatile content that will give you returns in dividends in time and resources. Traditional video requires scripting, lighting, sound testing, staging, acting, editing, and scheduling with internal stakeholders. Traditional video also includes the time and budget constraints of sourcing actors, story-boarding, creating camera angles, and more. By contrast, animated videos are more adaptable, allowing you to bring concepts and communication to life on an expedited timeline with the flexibility to make edits in the future. 

    Our animated video production process makes it easy for your team to effectively outline your communication needs. Our custom production tracking platform keeps all of your internal stakeholders in the loop and gives you the control to create permissions so everyone’s input is recorded. 

    What is important to consider when making corporate videos?

    The best place to start when creating an animated video, is to identify what you want the video to accomplish. Are you needing prospects to gain awareness that there’s a better way for them to achieve success? Do you need prospects to consider your product among a sea of competitors? Are you simply trying to ensure your current customers are achieving all the success they can from your services? Identifying where in the buyer’s journey your target audience is, speaking to them in that moment and creating a clear call-to-action allows your message to be clear while providing the most value.

    The single most important part of the animated explainer video journey is finding a partner that understands the business, user, and commercial applications of video.

    Finding a partner with a proven video production process ensures your message will be communicated in the correct and most effective way, and that the journey will leave you inspired, not drained. You want experience, knowledge, creative aptitude, and proven results that will bring your story to life.

    Accurately addressing your audience is what elevates a good video to a great video. Understanding the culture of your audience reinforces you as an expert and allows your message to be heard. Your production company might get all the information in your explainer video right, but it’s ineffective without understanding the audience you’re trying to reach. Make sure you have a partner that asks the right questions in order to understand the audience you’re addressing.

    So you know what you want to say, but when it comes time to put that information down into a script, you find yourself wondering if you’re throwing in too much, too little, or if the script even makes sense? 

    Make sure your animated video partner has a process to keep the narrative clear and on track. Your production team should know what dialogue will support the animation visuals in order to best communicate your overall message. A partner that can take your knowledge and build out a successful script is the key to a smooth process.

    Once you have all the key components in place, it’s time to choose the best voice actor for your animated explainer video. Make sure you choose a production team that has a broad range of actors and samples they can share with you. Your partner should also provide guidance for what tone will best compliment your story and visuals.