6 Things to Look For in a B2B Animated Video Studio

There are so many options when it comes to producing video content for your business. From inexpensive websites connecting you to individual animators to big-name agencies, the options can be overwhelming. To start, it’s always good to make sure you understand how to ensure your content strategy is set up for success. Once you’re ready, here are the 6 things you should evaluate to select the right animation studio for your needs.

Client Onboarding 

Making sure your content connects with your audience is important to the success of your video. To address your audience appropriately, you need a studio that will take the time to understand your market. What does your audience care about? What keeps them up at night? Do they like chocolate or vanilla? 

Maybe the last one doesn’t matter, but a video partner that takes the time to understand if it does will find unique ways to make your content engaging and thoughtful. Even better, it will save you time on revisions while you explain why the vanilla cones need to go.

Identifying Content Needs

You may know exactly what you need before you get started on new content. Or maybe you just know general engagement and conversion goals, but are unsure how to get there. A partner that has a process to identify your content gaps and can guide you on the best way to fill them is an invaluable asset. 

When assessing an animation agency, make sure to ask what method they use to validate the video content your team should focus on for short and long-term goals.
The Flikli approach to creating successful video content.

Video Cost

We all wish we had unlimited resources to invest in our content strategy, but unfortunately budget is a consideration when finding an animation studio. In order to figure out what works for your budget, sit down and refer to your objectives for video. By how much does your engagement, conversion or retention need to increase for the content to be successful? Is the agency’s pricing aligned with your needs? 

When comparing cost, look at what is included in each proposal. Do they provide distribution strategy, creative direction, project management, scripting, voiceover actors, revisions? These are important questions to consider, along with looking at how much of your time is required throughout the process.

Animation Agency’s Track-record

Does the studio you’re considering have examples of their work on their site? If not, are they able to share some with you? It may seem obvious, but you should make sure you can see the work the team has done in the past. If they can share metrics of success from past projects or how companies have used them for repeat business over time, you’ll have a better idea of what you can expect from your experience and finished product.

View a sample video reel from Flikli:

Animated Video Production Process 

We’ve all been there—you spend time on a ton of pre-work and wait for weeks (months!)—only to get a final result that isn’t quite right. Making sure your studio has a production process that allows for incremental checkpoints will keep you in the loop on timelines and allow you to manage input from your internal stakeholders at the correct stages. 

Video content is likely one of many projects you have, so make sure your partner easily allows you to select a voice actor, approve creative direction, compile feedback from all your stakeholders, track versioning in case you need to refer back, and deliver your video in the formats you need. The best production processes will alert you every step of the way – no “Just Checking In” emails required.

How does Flikli handle this? Watch this video:

Animated Video Outcomes

So, you’ve gotten through all the steps and have your video, now what? You need a partner that is interested in your outcomes. An animation studio that is focused on your marketing strategy can find creative ways to maximize the content you’ve worked on. Outcomes vary upon the goals you’ve identified. 

The studio you choose should be able to help tailor the final content to those goals. Giving you versions with closed captions for social media or busy events. Breaking content down into smaller, engaging pieces to support your social strategy. Checking in on how content is performing and having a plan for updates to make sure you remain happy with your results. A partner that’s invested in your outcomes can be the difference between a good and great video.

We know the options feel limitless when starting video content. If you follow these steps, we trust you will end up with a video that enhances your content strategy and leaves you with more time on your hands. 

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