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Guest posts are probably the safest and most efficient link building method, but organizing it can be a pain and the quality of posts can vary. Flikli's explainer video for Higher Click's Guest Post Service explains how they can get you high quality, sharable content, posted on quality blogs with quick turnaround times. All you need to do is send in your URLs and keywords and Higher Click will do the rest.

The Script

Guest posts are probably the safest and most efficient link building method out there ...but they require time, resources and coordination. And if you outsource guest posts to the wrong company, you’ll end up either waiting forever, emptying your pockets, or cursing the terrible quality. Not if you work with us! Higher Click’s Guest Post service makes this whole thing a breeze. All you do is send us your URLs and keywords, then we do all the work! We’ve done this a time or two and, through our experience, we’ve built thousands of real relationships with real bloggers who have a real audience. Still on the fence? 61% of our guest posts get shared socially and 41% get linked to or reposted. We’re experts! You’ll get high quality, shareable content posted on top quality blogs with fast turnaround times. Higher Click Guest Posts are guaranteed to be Page Rank 2, or higher. Our internal quality scoring metrics track design, content freshness & diversity, social activity and many other aspects of guest post targets. As such, the Domain Authority of our guest posts tends to be even higher than you’d expect. Our service is affordable, scalable and of exceptional quality. So send us your URL and keywords and let us get started on your next guest posts!