How Flikli Works

How we work

You share your vision with us and we craft it,
visually. Our collaboration platform lets you give
feedback at every step so you shape your content.
Smart and simple.

We create attractive business explainer videos,
educational and instructional videos, and screencasts
that bring your concepts to life in a simple way.

Step 1


At the start of your production, Flikli team members talk with you and learn as much as possible about the ideas and concepts you want to communicate.
During this stage we discover your message and the meaningful nuances of how you want it created visually.
Step 2


Once we understand exactly what you want to achieve with your content, we brainstorm creative ways to make it happen and your ideas and message are organized into a story or concept narrative.
We then fine-tune the draft according to your feedback until it's just right.
Step 3


During the iteration step, your approved visual and written concepts are created with full illustration, as well as sound, motion, and interactivity, if you are working on a video project.
Here we collaborate with you to make the final adjustments to your visual content until it is in its final, completed form.
Step 4


After the content has been created and adjusted according to your feedback, it is finalized for your final approval.
The content is delivered in your format of choice, ready to communicate your vision to your audience.